• After working with Cesoft for a long time now, the business relationship has been great. Nhi's very active and flexible, as well as knowledgeable.

  • Nhi and Cesoft display unbelievable professionalism, know-how and value. We have not found a better provider than Nhi in a long time. Keep up the good work.

  • Cesoft demonstrates mastery of Drupal by being able to complete any projects. Seems to always be available, and has the quickest turn around time.

    Will Merchan
  • AWS Case Study: Airbnb

    Airbnb is a community marketplace that allows property owners and travelers to connect with each other for the purpose of renting unique vacation spaces around the world. The Airbnb community users’ activities are conducted on the company’s Website and through its iPhone and Android applications....

  • The value of testing Drupal


    You probably know by now that Drupal 8 beta was launched and that it took some time. This was a huge effort made by the community. Congratulations to everyone!
    Now we need to look back and see what we can do better. What can we improve to reduce the time to release?


  • Context Takes Personalization Into the Future

    One of digital marketing’s buzz-iest buzzwords is personalization. Marketers are talking about it. Businesses are implementing it. You know you need it. But what is it, exactly?

    Personalization helps customers feel like they’re directly connected to your brand, instead of just being part of the masses. Who doesn’t want to feel like the brands we love care...

  • Platform Trumps Product Approach as WCM Ascends in Digital Role

    Web content management (WCM) has been an important player on the digital technology roster for years, an enabling technology to drive websites and online content. WCM now plays a more powerful role than ever in a digital stack, thanks to the new reality that multichannel digital experiences and overall digital business execution is a C-...

  • Drupal 8 + Twig: More Secure, More Power

    With PHPTemplate engine, Drupal took aim at following MVC best practices: Let’s separate the logic from the presentation layer. In line with the adoption of Symfony 2, Drupal 8 will replace PHPTemplate with Twig and take this philosophy one step...

Cesoft Corp’s a development company based on Drupal.
We offer complete life cycle solutions that include research, design, development, maintenance, support and services.
We also work on custom Drupal development, Responsive first mobile, Drupal Security, Optimization, Amazon Website Services, GIT control, API for iOS and Android.

We are build the development and infrastructure tools necessary to sustain our various client implementations.




Drupal Commerce is revolutionary software integrating commerce, content and community to create engaging Web experiences that bring e-retailers more traffic to drive more results.
With Drupal Commerce, online retailers have a simple yet powerful platform and the flexibility to integrate a rich commerce experience anywhere within their environment.

Web developement

A quality design aesthetic is virtually useless without a well-executed backend architecture to support it. At Cesoft Corp, our team of developers routinely build and deploy superior cutting-edge server-side solutions drawing from our exhaustive arsenal of time tested "Best of Breed" methodologies.


Mobile Application

At Cesoft Corp - We are using PhoneGap platfrom for mobile development included iOS, Android, Windown Phone and Mobile Web.


The founder, Nhi Nguyen Quang, decided to enter the business back in 2008. The web was changing everything, and he wanted to help lead the charge by creating a new kind of web consulting firm where


  • Nhi NQ


    Have 10 years building PHP-based experience and 5 years of experience complete Drupal website.

  • Xin NT


    Web developer


  • Thuong DV

    Project manage, Developer

    Project manage, Web Developer

  • Duy TV


    Web Developer

  • Hoang NM


    Web developer

  • Huy NN


    Mobile Developer

Do not hesitate to contact with us for any support.